Welcome to the temporary jmp online shop!
thank you for your patience as we create our permanent online shop!

------- 100% of all jmp income goes to anti-trafficking organizations -------

.online orders
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DOWNLOAD order form LINK to the gallery & fill in your order form (photo#'s are paired with each image)

post or EMAIL your completed order form with payment.

.accepted forms of payment
.cash (do NOT mail cash)
.paypal* (send to shop@justmomentsphotography.com)
.cheque (made payable to 'just moments photography')

* PAYPAL < click to learn more about paypal if you do not already have an account.

.once your order & payment have been received, an email confirmation will be sent.
.pick-up & local delivery you will receive an email when your order is ready.

.wholesale orders
> download the PRICE LIST
> please EMAIL to place your order

.for more information
> please EMAIL if you have any trouble with your order