smiles beyond fences

: smiles beyond fences, brazil 2005
Walking through the streets in this southern favela, giggles are heard beyond the fences. This little girl climbed up the inside of her fence to welcome the strangers with the warmth Brazil’s people are known for.

: sisters, brazil 2005
Just outside the city of Belo Horizonte is a small village. Over a little bridge and through a gate, stood these two little girls, completely oblivious to the world around them - concerned only about the scratch on her sister’s arm.

: sunbath, brazil 2005
Three street kids lay bathing in the sun by the city’s downtown water fountains. On hot days, the fountains come on and the kids come out for their bath.
a nation's diversity

: a nation's diversity, brazil 2005
Part of Brazil’s beauty is found within her cultural diversity. German influence brings a lighter skin tone to the south of the country. Smiles bypass the life of a boy in this favela.
manicured beauty

: manicured beauty, brazil 2005
An NGO worker who lives within this favela comes each month to its outer limits to help this elderly woman clean up her little home and gives her a manicure and pedicure.
fourth generation

: fourth generation, brazil 2005
A two-bedroom home filled with four generations in the midst of Rio’s most dangerous favelas. Though danger lingers, an evening in this home was filled with laughter, comfort and love.
innocence within the favela

: innocence within the favela, brazil 2005
The lives of those living within the 900 favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are quite often forgotten. Left to the gangs that govern these neighbourhoods, the raw reality of this life is caught in the eyes of this little boy. He lives near the top of one of these favelas in Rio. His home, on the side of a mountain, overlooks a rich business area of the city. Two facing mountain sides cut down the valley’s middle by a single road separating the two neighbourhoods; a stark daily reminder of his value in this society. A society where the rich and upper class do not notice what is across their street or through their window’s view.

: curiosities, brazil 2005
On a walk down to their grandma’s home on the outskirts of this favela, the little one peers through a crack in the door and into the dark one room shack she’s lived in for over thirty years.
a distant giggle

: a distant giggle, brazil 2005
Her sisters giggle while she sits emotionless on the stoop of her home. Old doors make the walls. On the tip of the muddy mountain at the top of her favela, they could face collapse when the rain season starts.
Despite the reality of the situation, there is still laughter.
safe exposure

: safe exposure, brazil 2005
Within one of the most dangerous favelas of Rio de Janeiro, this little boy is safe within the walls of a daycare for the children of his community.