: withheld, brazil 2006
This tribal woman demonstrated how the women in her tribe force miscarriages by pressing on a certain area of her uterus with her fingers. Her story was one where she had chosen to stop feeding her baby. In order to protect the identity of the tribes that shared their stories, faces are not shown.
a father's protection

: a father's protection, brazil 2006
This photo demonstrates the protection a father is created to have over his children. to hold them in his hands and guard them, not hurt them.
white rope

: white rope, brazil 2006
This woman told us that her tribe would bury the white man that came into her village. they were a feared people and known for the brutality of their killing.
feet of the amazon

: feet of the amazon, brazil 2006
This man's sister was killed because she had an extra toe.

: peekaboo, brazil 2006
Funai is the government organization 'in charge' of brazil's tribes. when the tribes need and seek medical attention, they are kept (and not allowed to leave on their own) within the confines of medical facilities - "Casa de Indios". despite some tribal conflict, they are forced to stay in the same facility.
these children had been here for a number of weeks and lived in very unsanitary conditions. though in a child, there always seems to be a smile and innocence.

: worthy, brazil 2006
in the same medical 'indian house' has the previous photo, another tribe enjoys some food. this child suffered a disability - it was beautiful to see the love he was shown while we were there.
tummy laugh

: tummy laugh, brazil 2006
around the corner from the food, children laugh contagiously. a little boy curiously looks on in the background. they loved the camera and seeing their images on the screen.
jaminawa eyes

: jaminawa eyes, brazil 2006
dignity means "the state of being worthy of honour and respect." from the jaminawa tribe, this little girl looks up from a life worthy of honour and respect.
jaminawa swing

: jaminawa swing, brazil 2006
staying with an organization that provides education for brazil's tribes, the children are able to play safely. education empowers a life. learning things as simple as their human rights, they are able to take their rightful control over their lives.
jarawara hands

: jarawara hands, brazil 2006
many tribes are invited to come to be educated. the children play together.

: loss, brazil 2006
while this woman and her husband were telling the stories of infanticide within their tribe, it came out that she had been a twin. her twin was killed.

: maita, brazil 2006
i had the privilege of staying in the same home as this little girl and her adopted mother. a story of amazing healing and a mother's determination and commitment to a life that has been deeply wounded by the hands of her native tribe.

: hakani, brazil 2006
her name means smile. and the healing that has come from a life that was set aside by her tribe for death, shows in her love of life and the sound of her laughter.
muwaji & iganani

: muwaji & iganani, brazil 2006
her fight was for her child. the organization that says they are to protect the native indians, fanai - arranged for her travel back to her tribe where they knew her child would be killed. muwaji had stated she would kill herself and then the tribe would kill her baby.
here they are on a flight back to be involved in more talks in order to save her child. see the captured forum for more details of this situation.
a mother's determination

: a mother's determination, brazil 2006
waiting in labrea for our plane to take us back from the meeting point that was meant to bring muwaji and her family back to their tribe. fanai had said that if they want medical help, they would be taken back to their village and would have to then come for help on their own, without the help of anyone else. the suruwaha are a semi-isolated tribe, meaning it would be impossible for them to find their way back on their own without outside help. death was being arranged for them.
see the captured forum more details on this story.